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You can go shopping in Kyrenia and discover for yourself the hospitality proffered by local citizens. There are market squares and promenades where you can walk at your own pace, mingle with other shoppers and find wonderful items made by local artists. A weekend in Kyrenia can include a fishing trip or a mountain hike in the Besparmak Mountain Range. Tourism attractions include the Kyrenia Castle which is also a museum. The castle sits on the harbor and contains an ancient ship. There are many other things to do in Kyrenia. The most popular sights include the St. Hilarion castle. Built during the crusades, it looks like it came right out of a fairy-tale. The culture can be appreciated in towns like Bellapais which has the Lusignan abbey built in the 14th century. A visit to Kyrenia would not be complete without experiencing the nightlife of bistros and cafés.