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      The town of Kalavasos is known for its mines. The town has rich deposits of Copper Ore and Limestone that even during the Phoenician days, this town is already known for its ores. There are archeological sites that can be found in this town that serve as evidence of civilization. You can visit the towns museum where some of the archeological finds are displayed. The archeological site even goes farther in showing the evidence of inhabitants from the Neolithic Period. The structures that you will see in the village however are rather modern in design. But you should still visit the villages main church, the Church of Panagia Theotokos that was built in 1910. Inside youll see different icons that complement the almost gothic architecture of the church.Most of the hotels in Kalavasos can be found in the center of the village. Kalavasos hotels provide its visitors great accommodation and will let you taste their native cuisine. Most of these hotels are family owned, discount hotels. Kalavasos is just a simple town and the Kalavasos cheap hotels are the common type of hotel that you will find. These hotels are even better in a weekend. Kalavasos travel packages can be found online in