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The second biggest city in Cyprus is also one of the best. Beneath the harbors and the beaches is the very lively town of Lemesos - Limassol. The town is known for festivals that tell of the generous character of the people of Lemesos Limassol. Every Shrove Thursday (Thursday before Ash Wednesday) the town officially kick-start the Carnival and this will go on for 10 days. Another festival worth visiting is the Wine Festival, held every 1st week of September. In that weekend, Lemesos - Limassol Wine Festival features numerous types of wine from all parts of the island, all given for free. Traces of its role during the medieval times is shown in their Medieval Castle which is also a medieval museum. Even the Neolithic and the Roman past of the place are also chronicled. Visit the Archaeological Museum to get all the information about Lemesos Limassol during those times.The hotels in Lemesos - Limassol are scattered all over the place. Lemesos - Limassol hotels provide their visitors all the things they need to have a perfect vacation. Tour on boats, by land and walking tours are available and you can request them from Lemesos - Limassol cheap hotels. Getting the most out of Limassol is easy when you try the discount hotels. Lemesos - Limassol can be booked online in