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      Municipal Gardens Details

      When searching for beautiful sights of Limassol you can look no further than the Limassol Municipal Gardens. You will enjoy this on your list of things to in Limassol. It is a well known Limassol attraction that is full of activities in Limassol. It is also an important part of Limassol tourism.Really enjoying a trip to Limassol means taking in as much of the culture and wonderful festivities in the city. Limassol is a place that is full of life and beauty. You can get a dose of everything in the city has to offer at the largest park in the city. The Municipal Gardens are located right in the center of Limassol so you will easily find this park. The Municipal Gardens play host to many of the popular festivals and celebrations within the city. You will always find the Municipal Gardens an exciting stop on your visit to the city.

      Address: Lord Byron Street, Limassol 3105, Cyprus