Hotels in Maa - Palaeokastro Settlement

      Maa - Palaeokastro Settlement Details

      Things to do in Pafos have a lot of influence form the history and culture of the city. You will find the top Pafos attractions, like Maa, are a welcome to get to know more about the past. You will be able to enjoy many activities sin Pafos and many sights of Pafos that celebrate the culture and those people who built the city and the country. Pafos tourism is all about learning how this beautiful country came into existence and was shaped into the place it is today.Maa is a Palaeokastro settlement. It is near Coral Bay and is the area where you can learn about the Late Bronze Age of the country. It is outside of town and holds a sense of history. It escapes the modern town and is itself a way top travel back in time to the untouched history of Cyprus. The defensive walls are a sight to behold when approaching Maa. The Mycenaean Greeks settles this area and built up this defensive structure.

      Address: Coral Bay, Paphos, Cyprus