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      Pafos tourism is steeped in the beauty of the area. The activities in Pafos and sights of Pafos are celebrations of the city itself. You will find many things to do in Pafos and never be at a loss with all the amazing Pafos attractions.Saranta Kolones is an ancient castle. Now quite deteriorated it is still a sight of beauty. This castle is so amazing because when it was in its full glory it features 40 granite pillars that supported the structure of the castle. The name of the castle actually means 40 pillars. This castle was likely built in the late 7th century to protect the harbor area. The castle was surrounded by a wall that was 3 meters thick, however, not much of that remains today. You can still see the magnificence and feel the atmosphere of what this castle once was on your visit to Saranta Kolones.

      Address: Kato Pafos, Paphos, Cyprus