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    The town of Polis may be the most untouched part of Cyprus when it comes to their beaches. Even though its virtually untouched by visitors, their local government still makes it a point that everyone who goes there will have a safe vacation and enjoy a beach thats really clean, especially for the weekend. Polis is also the site of an ancient village and the artifacts that are found in these places are displayed in their own museum called the Archaeological Museum of Marion Arsinoe. From the Neolithic to Medieval times, you can actually feel how it was in this village during those eras. Another monument the town is also proud of is the St. Andreas church. This classic Orthodox Church has numerous 18th century paintings in the wall.The hotels in Polis are usually located near the beaches. There are also Polis hotels located in the center of the village and most of these are discount hotels. Polis makes sure its visitors will have a great time while keeping the image of the village intact. You can visit to see the best Polis cheap hotels that offer more than the usual service.