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On the Island of Cyprus is Akrotiri Bay. This small region with a population of some 784,301 is also known as Agrotur Korfezi. It is home to an ancient Minoan city and old frescoes. During a weekend, Akrotiri Bay visitors can explore the ancient art of the Minoans as well as the creations of the Medieval inhabitants. From any of the Akrotiri Bay hotels, tourists can venture forth to visit the various cultural offerings of the island, including the Archaeological Museum with its antiquities on display or the Folk Art Museum displaying ancient and modern Cypriot Folk Art. Check with for hotels in Akrotiri Bay. If you opt for discount hotels Akrotiri Bay can then provide you with the means for a longer stay.Staying in Akrotiri Bay cheap hotels provides frugal visitors with the chance to take part in one of the many festivals in the area. Take part in the Carnival with its 10 days of masquerading through the streets of Limassol. There is also a wine festival in September, a Flower Festival in May and a Festival of Food in June.