Hotels in Troodos Mountains

Troodos Mountains Details

The Troodoos Mountains offers something visitors rarely see, painted churches dating back to the Byzantine period. On Cyprus, you can leave hotels in the Troodoos Mountains to visit these as well as mountain resorts and monastery complexes. To stay here can be expensive, so look in for Troodoos Mountains cheap hotels to defray the cost. Try, also, for discount hotels. The Troodoos Mountains can then be yours for more than a weekend. The Troodoos Mountains can then show you where to ski and hike.This region of Cyprus offers you glimpses of waterfalls such as the Caledonian Waterfall, as you hike along the walking trails from Platres to the Pouziaris Mountains. In Cedar Valley, you can see the Moufflon, the wild Cypriot Sheep as well as a unique cedar tree. There is, for culture-buffs, the Agios Ioannis Lampadistis, the Monastery of St. John of Lampadou, with its three churches. There is also the richest and biggest monastery in Kykkos with its 12th c icon of a Madonna and Child, a rotunda now a museum and cloisters.