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If you want to see some of the best structures that the Czech Republic has to offer, you should be in Benešov for the weekend. Benešov proudly houses more than 300 historical monuments and most of them can be visited in any month, anytime of the day. Standing among these structures is the Konopiste Castle where parts of the 13th century castle are still preserved. Its latest renovation is in the 18th century. Cesky Sternberk is another castle worthy of your time. Although privately owned, parts of the castle are open to the public from April to October. The Jemniste Castle from the 18th century is used as the museum for modern arts and other cultural events. The most famous religious structure in this town is the Baroque Monastery that was built by the Priarast Monks.The hotels in Benešov are found where historical structures can be seen. Benešov hotels make sure their visitors get a glimpse of some of the buildings that made the town famous. The Benešov cheap hotels and their premium counterparts provide guided tours around the area so that you can visit the key structures. The guided tours can be reserved in advance in as well as some of the discount hotels Benešov has to offer.