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    Located towards the center of the Czech Republic is the district and town of Beroun. Known for being a district with a fairly small establishment, it nonetheless holds tremendous cultural and political value, the town being an administrative center for the nation. Found nearby in the greater region of Central Bohemia is the legendary city of Prague, which is home to numerous fantastic attractions. For starters, there's Charles Bridge with its numerous towers. Prague Castle is a grand structure that can't be missed by anyone, and St. Vitus Cathedral is an exceptional church of unparalleled design. The Jerusalem Synagogue represents fine design and multiculturalism as well.With, you're able to save the most money possible by using our reservation features. Find a hotel in Beroun that's perfect for you, and then book it online. It's as simple as a few clicks and a little typing. You don't need to go anywhere, dig through phonebooks, or sign endless paperwork. We've simplified the process and made it a matter of simply looking through the extensive database of discount Beroun hotels.