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      There is a long tradition of theater in Brno. Cafes and taverns were the early predecessors of such theater houses as the Reduta Theater. As the love of theater and the economic conditions improved in Brno, the theater grew, too. In 1730, the building expanded to include a ballroom. In 1767, an 11-year-old Mozart performed in the Reduta theater. Later in the 18th century, major fires, created the need for a massive reconstruction. The new Reduta Theater became the center for German performances. This remained its major fare until after 1911.Today, the Reduta Theater is the oldest theater structure in Brno. It is also one of the oldest theater buildings in Moravia. After a reconstruction under B. Fuchs and K. Fuchs it became home to the Czech Operetta Company. They performed on this stage until the 1990's. Since then, it has become a scene of renovation and reconstruction. It is now open for productions of plays.

      Address: Zelný trh 4, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

      Phone: +420 542 424 560