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          Ceský Krumlov has some of the greatest sights a person will ever see. This humble but gorgeous district of the Czech Republic is famous for many things, but the culture and attractions truly stand out. In the city of Ceský Krumlov, there are numerous structures and locations of interest that will fascinate any tourist looking for an incredible European experience. St. Vitus church has a remarkable design that almost seems meant for photography, while the castle of eský Krumlov stands proudly over the city. Zlatá Koruna is one of the oldest monasteries in the area, and Hluboka Castle, one of the best of its kind, is not too far away.Hotels in Ceský Krumlov range from being cheap to expensive, and it's often hard to tell what to expect in advance if you don't have any reliable sources of information. That's why provides both the best booking services on the net and a great database of hotels that have user ratings. You can reserve a quality Ceský Krumlov hotel and see how it compares to other choices in the region.