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Located in the western end of the Czech Republic, the city of Marienbad is set on a very picturesque hill. The town is flocked by visitors from around the world because of the numerous spas and health centers. The water that flows through the village is known to be therapeutic because of the varying composition in each of the springs. Among the springs in Marienbad is the Cross Spring. Since early 19th century, it’s already known throughout the country as being curative because of its high mineral content. The spring now has a pavilion to cater the visitors. Rudolph's Spring is also a favorite among the tourists as this water is not rich in mineral but high in calcium. Caroline's Spring also has a pavilion of its own which is an imitation of 1869 building. Instead of minerals and calcium, this spring is rich in magnesium. Marienbad curiously also has a Singing Fountain.If you’re planning to stay here for the weekend, Marienbad should be booked not just for the hotels but for the spas as well. Some of the hotels in Marienbad have their own spa facilities while other Marienbad hotels can give you access to the nearest spa facility. Either way, you need to make sure that your Marienbad cheap hotels should be able to give you the best services aside from the health treatment. For the best packages with discount hotels, Marienbad accommodation is available online on