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Caroline's Spring Details

Marienbad or Marianske Lzn is a famous spa town. It is not as old as the other major spa town in the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary. Its clientele, however, has been as famous e.g. Edward VI. Its waters also differ. Instead of Karlovy Varys hot to scalding waters, Marienbad has 40 cold-water mineral springs. There are some 100 others in the region surrounding the city. Some have names derived from natural elements. There is, for example, Forest Spring. Other springs have names of great personages. One such spring is Carolines Spring. Its name comes from the wife of Franz Josef I, Caroline Augusta.Originally, a cupola covered the spring. Eight Corinthian columns kept the structure in place. Fuchs, himself, painted the ceiling of the cupola with representatives of past Emperors. This was a short-lived project. The Emperors disappeared, painted over shortly after completion. A colonnade arose nearby. Beneath it, Carolines spring united with those of Ferdinand and Rudolph. The cupola disappeared, but in 1989, a reconstruction of the original appeared several meters closer to the Carolines Spring Column.