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Churches do not over run Marienbad. Other towns and cities have many more. Yet, the few in the city have their unique appeal. One of the earliest and finest is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It sits quietly in the middle of Goethe Square. Its 33 steps, mimicking the 33-years lived by Christ lead up to the main entrance.It was the abbot, Mariun J. Heinl, who initiated the project. Construction began in 1844 finishing in 1848. The original design of the edifice was the product of Johann Gotttfried Gutensohn hailing from Munich, Bavaria. The basilica became, under his care, octagonal in shape. The interior, however, owes much to two men: Bergmann of Prague and his student, Josef Paris. Inside, you can admire his fine touches as well as the sculptures of Josef Max Progue. The altars are dedicated to St. Norbert and St. Thomas. In 1886, Matharner from Prague executed the Stations of the Cross.

Address: Kostelní 289, 434 01 Most, Czech Republic