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Marienbad is a spa town in Czech Republic in the Carlsbad region. This beautiful town full of lush green mountains, noble houses and parks, is also known as Mariánské Lázn. One of the main attractions in this area is the colonnades and 100 mineral springs, 53 that are tapped. Marienbad has attracted many European rulers and famous celebrities with these carbon dioxide springs. The most famous Marienbad spring is Kížový pramen, which is used for baths and curative springs because of the high mineral content. Some of the other famous springs are Karolinin pramen, Rudolfův pramen and Ambrožovy prameny. You'll love some of the spa treatments you'll find here.The Singing Fountain can be found at the front of the Main Colonnade. It's at its most beautiful at night. The Ferdinand Spring Colonnade is another beautiful site in their park and the main attraction. If you're a music lover, you'll especially enjoy the Fryderyk Chopin Memorial. Here you'll Chopin's recorded music or memorabilia from Chopin's life.