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Rudolph's Spring Details

There are many springs in Marienbad (Marianske Lzn). Approximately 40 springs are within the city while some 100 others are in the environs. One of the well-cited springs is Rudolphs spring. Like Cross Spring, Rudolphs Spring first came into existence under another name Meadow Spring. The early name reflected its original starting point a meadow. The later name is in honor of the Crown prince, Rudolph, later Franz Josef I.You can taste the waters of this spring. Bring your own cup. Just be aware. If you sample the waters of Rudolphs Spring, you can taste the high levels of calcium. It is recommended for those suffering from osteoporosis and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It is also highly diuretic so do not drink too much at once. Once, a wooden pavilion covered the spot. In 1902, however, Rudolphs Spring united with several other springs under the official spas Colonnade.

Address: Hlavní 47, Mariánské Lázn, Czech Republic