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The Singing Fountain Details

Unlike much of the structures and springs in the Spa areas of Marienbad, the Singing Fountain is not a 19th or early 20th century creation. It did not make its first appearance until April 1986. It is neither Baroque nor Art Nouveau in design. It is a truly modern landmark. The architect is Pavel Mikšik.The round pool of the Singing Fountain has as its centerpiece a 12-piece stone flower composition. This sculpture consists of stainless steel and stone. Within this fountain is a 10 water-jet system powering up to 250 jets of water into the air. These can shoot as high as 6 meters above the fountain, awing the crowds that gather daily. What truly draws the visitors attention to this fountain over others in Marienbad is that it sings. Daily, at odd hours, the classical music of Czech composers Petr Hapka and Dvoák as well as Chopin, Mozart and Bach sounds forth one after the other and the water dances to their tunes.

Address: Mariánské Lázn, Czech Republic