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Děčín Details

The historic town of Decin is on the River Labe in the Czech Republic. For over a thousand years it has been the geographic gateway to the region of Bohemia. Modern Decin is actually two towns, as it is now amalgamated with Podmokly on the other side of the river. Decin is an industrial center and a busy river port, but visitors staying in discount hotels in Decin will find that it still has some interesting attractions.From your comfortable budget hotel in Decin you might have a good view of the Decinsky Zamek, the 13th century Baroque castle that dominates the town. To approach the castle you must pass through the Dlouha jizda, a narrow alley partly cut through rock. This passageway was made in the 1670s. Much of the castles once magnificent interior is gone, but its superb Baroque rose garden is worth a visit. The castle is also home to the Muzeum Loutek (Puppet Museum). Directly below the rose garden is the ornate Baroque 17th century Church of the Holy Cross, which has a richly painted interior. In the town square there is a beautiful 1906 Art Nouveau fountain. South of the castle is an old stone bridge called Kamenny Most which is decorated with Baroque statuary. In Podmokly you can visit the Okresni Museum which is housed in an old hunting lodge. A very symbolic site is the Moorish Art Nouveau Synagogue which escaped destruction by the Nazis on Kristallnacht.