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Jihlava, Czech Republic is a city located on the Jihlava River. The city serves as the center of the Vysocina Region. Booking cheap hotels in Jihlava, Czech Republic is possible, as facilities are located throughout the city and in the neighboring towns of Moravia and Bohemia. Jihlava is an old mining town and is considered the oldest in the country. Yet, other reasons exist for visiting the city.One of the main draws of Jihlava, Czech Republic are the gothic churches of Friars Minor Church of Our Lady and the Dominican church of Holy Cross. Many of the buildings within the city do have a baroque and renaissance architecture to them. Within the city's limits is a Jewish cemetery with old monuments. There is also a tombstone located here of the parents of Gustav Mahler. Sports, water parks and wilderness are all attractive features for tourists. You can even find discount hotels in Jihlava, Czech Republic with windows overlooking the historic water fountains in the city's square.