Hotels in Karlovy Vary International Airport

Karlovy Vary International Airport Details

The origins of the Karlovy Vary International Airport (KLV) date back to the 1920's and 1930's. The visitors to the Spa wanted a means of arriving quickly. As a result, the airport became a reality. Since then, growth continued, marred by the Second World War and changes in modes of transportation. In 1989, the Airport achieved international status. Today, there are air flights to Sheremetyevo/ Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as to Prague and elsewhere within the Czech Republic.The airport has only one terminal building. It handles both departures and departures at one gate. Planes land on either of the two runways, although plans are underway to expand and modernize the facilities. The plan to update the terminal is currently in place. There are three check-in counters, one VIP lounge and a few amenities. These include a restaurant, duty free shop and gift shop. You can also arrange a car rental or to take a taxi into town.

Address: K Letišti 132, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Code: KLV

Phone: +420 353 360 611