Hotels in Market Spring Colonnade

Market Spring Colonnade Details

The Market Spring Colonnade is a testimony to the skills of the team of Feller and Helmer. The structure, the only wooden colonnade in Karlovy Vary, dates from 1883-1884. The idea was to build a temporary structure for two springs. The builders, inspired by the architecture of Switzerland, erected a simple white, wooden building. They placed it on the site of the former town hall. Over the years, the temporary structure became a permanent fixture. It remained while more solid creations disappeared. It warranted a thorough reconstruction in 1991/1992, thus, solidifying its permanent position within the spa town.The two springs beneath this colonnade are the Charles IV Spring and the Market Spring. These are hot waters. The Charles IV spring is 64 c. the Market Spring is a cooler 62 C. It is the less reliable of the two, appearing and disappearing at will. A plaque resides at the Charles IV Spring. It tells of the discovery of the waters of Karlovy Vary. If you come to take the waters, bring your own mug or buy one. They are available thorough the spa area and in the historic town.

Address: Tržišt 19, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic