Hotels in Park Spring Colonnade

Park Spring Colonnade Details

The Park Spring Colonnade plays host to three springs. All are curative waters. It sits on the West bank of the Teplá River in the gardens of the Dvoákovy Sady. This places it in the center of Karlovy Vary. The structure consists of painted wrought iron. It was once a part of the esplanade of the Blanensky Pavillion. The columns holding it up are decoratively sculpted. The work, like that of several spas in the city, is by Ferdinad Feller and Hermann Helmer.The three springs within the colonnade all bear names. They are the Snake, the Park (cooler) and the Park (hotter). The major difference among the three is temperature. The Snake spring has less carbon dioxide and is the coolest at a mere 30 C. The Park Spring is 47.4C. In the 19th century, its name was the Emperors Spring. The second Park Spring is a very hot 60C. It is the newest of the three, found only in the construction of Spa III in the late 19th century.

Address: Zahradní, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic