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If you love to shop in high-end boutiques, you must wander Stara Louka (Old Louka Avenue) in Karlovy Vary. This small area once rivaled the chic Vienna Kärntnerstrasse. Here, you will find some of the most expensive and exclusive shops in this spa town. These are specialty shops. They include such names as Versace. Some, however, sell local products such as crystal, glass and china. These include the priceless Moser glassware and porcelain. Karlovy Vary began producing these products in the early 1800's.For those with a budget, you can also find souvenir type shops nearby. Here, you may be able to pick up something to remind you of the trip. Perhaps you will want a souvenir that specifically recalls Karlovy Vary. If so, you can find a shop in this district selling local products including Becherovka. Another popular item is Lázeské oplatky - a type of wafer or waffle.

Address: Karla IV. 505/1, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 353 181 111