Hotels in Nymburk

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Nymburk Details

The area was first founded in the 1200s and one of its most famous relics, the Church of St. Giles, dates to that time, 1218. This gothic church is a popular tourist attraction because of its double moats and triple nave Basilica. The region was occupied before the 1200s and visitors interested in the history of Nymburk and the Czech Republic can tour the Lib ice nad Cidinou, site of a 10th century settlement. Cheap hotels in Nymburk, Czech Republic are located in the central Bohemian region, just east of Prague.Many visitors staying at discount hotels in Nymburk, Czech Republic employ the area as a base while exploring the countryside. Krinec is home to a Baroque chateau dating to the 17th century with an adjoining park for picnics. Loucen is also known for its Baroque chateau built during the same time. Its lush gardens include sculptures by the famed artist Braun. For true relaxation many Nymburk visitors head to Podebrady. In addition to a traditional spa, Podebrady has a beautiful Renaissance chateau that was originally a gothic castle.