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As a region of the Czech Republic, Olomouc is peerless in terms of possessing a rich and historic culture that is represented through fantastic architecture and friendly locals. A most extraordinary place, Olomouc is home to the incredible Pradd mountain, which is the highest mountain of the region. There's an enormous television transmitter located on top the mountain, along with a building of ancient history known as the Altvaterturm. In Olomouc city, the famous astronomical clock can be seen next to Olomouc town hall. While you're in the capital, check out the Olomouc Orthodox Church or even the fascinating Mausoleum of Yugoslavian Soldiers.Don't wait too late to get a great deal on a hotel in Olomouc. See what options await you in this gorgeous region by using for your reservation needs. We provide the most comprehensive database of hotels around, and you see for yourself what kind of Olomouc hotel suits your tastes and budget.