Hotels in Beer Festival

Beer Festival Details

Around the world, October is a time to celebrate the brewing of beer. There are many Octoberfests throughout Europe and North America. In Pležn, there is the Pilsner Fest. It takes place in October and marks the end to the Beer Festival season in the Czech Republic. If you love beer, be sure to book ahead for this attraction.

Pilsner Fest is one of the oldest Beer festivals in the Czech Republic. It engages much of the old city center in its celebration. In Republic Square, even in front of the Cathedral of St, Bartholomew are stages for live performances, food stands and beer tents. You can catch a lively Czech act on a main stage. You can also wander over to the Beer Museum. There in front of the building, you can see a fashion parade of costumes from the past. There are adult games, many of them utilizing a beer shape. You can ride, for instance, a giant inflated rubber beer can.