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Prachatice lies in the Volynka Valley in the Czech Republic. Visitors leave their hotels in Prachatice to visit Vimperk, The Gateway to the Bohemian Forest. They also come to Prachatice hotels to wander the streets of Lenora and Prachatice. They cross the wooden bridge over the river at Lenora or stroll through the woods nearby. Some plan their stay for a weekend. Prachatice shows them its woods and its old 14th century walls. You can leave Prachatice cheap hotels and bike or hike in the forest. Check with for suitable accommodation for your budget. Consider discount hotels. Prachatice can then be part of your vacation pleasure.In Vimperk, be sure to visit the Municipal Museum. Here, you will find displays of elaborate, decorated works from the very first printing press (1484) in Bohemia. Above the city, you can see the fortress looming. Outside of the city, you can go skiing. Kubová Hut is a popular ski resort.