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Vimperk Details

The whole town of Vimperk is part of the Šumava National Park. Most of the tourism activities in this town are centered round the national park. Mountain bikers, hikers or just about anyone who want to be close to nature are here for more than just a weekend. Vimperk has set their tourism in to cater to the visitors for this reason. The main monument in Vimperk is the age old castle, properly called the Vimperk Castle. The castle was highly renovated but there are parts of the hotel that are still preserved when it was constructed in 1195. Inside the castle, you will find a section dedicated to the Museum in Vimperk. The Church of Our Lady of the Visitation is also a nice church worthy of a visit.The theme of most of the hotels in Vimperk revolves around the outdoor activities that you can do in the national park. Vimperk hotels provide you with the things that you need for a great time in this town. The discount hotels Vimperk offers are also situated near the important places so be sure to get a room that will give you a magnificent view of the forest and the castle. You can go to and personally select some Vimperk cheap hotels so you can spend on more important things, like shopping.