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The Sumava National Park extends from Vimperk north to include such towns as Spĭcák, Železná and Srní. It is approximately 120 km (75miles). It also is some 45km or 28 miles wide. This makes it one of the greatest areas of forest throughout Central Europe. The Boubin forest, part of Sumava National Park, has been a reserve since 1858.The Sumava National Park is an extensive area for recreational activities. It includes a variety of natural beauties. There is the forest, but there are also erné Lake (Black Lake)and ertovo Lake (Devils Lake). There are also the Sumava Mountains. As a result, you can canoe, cycle, hike and trek during the summer time. In winter, you can ski and snowshoe. Furthermore, there are several deserted abbeys. There ruins open for you to explore. Rabi is the Czech Republics largest Medieval Fortress. You can wander the Gothic ruins and stare at the remaining square tower.