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The district of Praha-Západ, Czech Republic is located in the Central Bohemian Region of the country. Within the center of the district is the city of Prague. Numerous cities lie within the district including Roztocky, Mnisek, Cernosice and Jilove u Prahy. Finding discount hotels in Praha-Západ, Czech Republic is rather easy to do, especially when you use to help you.Visitors to Praha-Západ, Czech Republic will find the Konopiste Castle located in Benesov. In addition, the national mountain, Blanik, is located in the backdrop of this region. Visiting the city's synagogue may be another reason to visit the city. The building dates back to 1899 and has a Moorish style to it, as designed by architect Wilhelm Stiassny. A visit to Dobrichovice Castle is also in order as is the small church of St. Judus Thaddaeus next to it. The castle served as a summer home for the grandmaster from the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star. Locating discount hotels in Praha-Západ, Czech Republic near any of these sights is possible.