Hotels in Řevnice

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Řevnice Details provides the information you need when visiting evnice, Czech Republic. This is a small town located in the Praha-Západ region of the country. The town is just to the southwest of Prague. Because of its close proximately to Prague, many look for cheap hotels in evnice, Czech Republic and then take the short drive into Prague for business or for sightseeing. The town itself is not popular, with its claim to fame being that tennis professional Martina Navratilova grew up in the city.If this is your first time in the city, you may notice the combination of old world architecture and modern buildings alongside each other. The town of under 3,000 people does offer modern amenities, but it is still a culturally rich city. Step in the Old Church located on the main courtyard or visit the spacious parks. Stay in the affordable hotels in evnice, Czech Republic and experience nothing more than the peaceful countryside if you like.