Botel Racek, Prague Overview

Botel Racek, Prague Details

Botel Racek, Prague Hotel Details

Botel Racek Prague enjoys a nice location near Prague centre and it forms a unique part of the beautiful landscape of the Podolí embankment in all seasons. Situated on the Vlatava River, the hotel is close to all the attractions in Prague and with good public transport connections with a nearby metro and tram station that allow you to reach the historical city centre within a few minutes. Also, the botel is located near highways to Vienna/Brno and Nuremberg/Pilsen, and the airport is 25 minutes away. With its convenient location, the botel is an ideal starting point for exploring Prague.

The hotel staff looks forward to your visit to the Racek Botel and believes that you will appreciate the remarkable romantic ambiance on board while you are in Prague. The crew will do their best to make your stay in historical Prague and the experience on the boat as pleasant as possible. At the botel, you will feel comfortable right away thanks to the welcoming personal environment.

The Botel Racek Prague features romantic accommodations in cosy, comfortable rooms. The hotel offers standard double cabins and four-bed suites and the total capacity of the botel is 81 double rooms (including 35 non-smoking cabins), one single room and 4 four-bed suites, which makes a total of 179 beds divided on two floors. All rooms are furnished in an elegant classic style ensuring you will have a pleasant. The rooms feature an en-suite bathroom with a shower and toilet and are fully equipped with modern room facilities such as a colour TV with satellite TV, and a phone.