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Prague has museums that display a variety of work from different artists. It also has those that restrict themselves to a period or era. It also has ones that focus on the contributions of one individual. This is the case of the Alfons Mucha Museum on Panská in Prague.Alfons Mucha was a graphic artist. His is visual art that reached beyond the streets of Prague into the wider world. It truly began with a poster, a lithograph created for the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt. The original resides in this museum along with some 80 exhibits. They include his paintings, photographs and sculptors. His graphic work and memorabilia demonstrate his influence in the worlds of both fashion and advertising. His trademark Slavic maidens are there, along with a video documentary on his life and contributions to the graphic arts and Prague. During his lifetime, he designed stamps and contributed an epic work on Slavic myths and history to the people of Prague. His nationalism and talent was the indirect cause of his death. The Nazis interrogated him. After his release, he died. This museum testifies and explores the greatness in all its aspects