Hotels in Belvedere or Royal Summer Palace

Belvedere or Royal Summer Palace Details

Prague Castle is home to many beautiful buildings. They cover the area like so many jewel-encrusted structures. They are priceless historical records, as well as architectural monuments. There are grand monasteries, overpowering churches and delicately contrived palaces. The Belveder or Royal Summer Palace falls into the last category. It is a beautifully proportioned building created with a light-hand.The Belveder is a gift from Ferdinand I to his wife, Anne. Unfortunately, neither of them got to enjoy it as much as did their successors. It is the work of Paolo della Stella, a major architect at the time. It floats on slender columns, a truly Italian transplant. It is an Italian Renaissance building. The dates of the Belveder are 1538 to 1560. Fronting it is a geometrical garden. It contains the Singing Fountain. Music flows from the water as it hits the bowls cast in bronze by Thomas Jaroš. If you ascend to the upper gallery, you will have a beautiful view of Prague Castle.

Address: Mariánské hradby CZ, Praha, Czech Republic