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Capuchin Monastery Details

A block from the main railroad station in Brno is the Capuchin Monastery and Church or Kapucínsky klášter. It is an old structure. The church is simple in design and execution. It has a salmon pink exterior and a whitewashed interior. There is sparse use of statuary and paintings. However, it is not for the architecture people come to visit the Monastery. They come to see the residents. The Capuchin Monastery is home to hundreds, many of them monks, others the famous or infamous residents of Brno. Among them is the last prisoner to die in Spilberk Castle. His body dates from 1749. There is also Montz Grimm, builder of the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul and an Army colonel, František Trenck. They lie waiting for you in open glass caskets. Their flesh, clothing and hair are in various states of decay. The ventilation system keeps them from rapid putrefaction. This is not a place for the squeamish or the very young.

Address: Blomlýnská, 196 00 Praha-akovice, Czech Republic