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The main activity for a good social life in Prague can still be found at the center of the city no matter what your interests are. As a matter of course, the best shopping is also found right there at the center. There are a lot of nice little shops on each street and probably the best of them are in Old Town where you can buy many souvenirs, hand cut glass or bohemian pieces of jewelry. Be careful, however, when you shop around Prague as it is not a custom to haggle the price of an item as it might be in many other parts of the world. The price tags here are always fixed even if you are shopping in a simple stall in the center of the city.If you make a point to visit Cerna Ruze, don't miss the main complex that contains a good mix of shops, cafés and restaurants. Many of the outlets there will offer great deals on Daniel Hecter, Dolce & Gabbana, Adidas and Mambo. This three floor mall complex is located just in the city center in two historical passages and several buildings. You can take any number of transportation routes but it is easily accessible from Na Prikope 12 or from Panska 4. The Cerna Ruze has something for everyone and you won't want to miss out if you are visiting Prague this year.

Address: Na píkop 853/12, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 221 014 111