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The Czech Republic is home to several universities and colleges. Some of the more famous are in Prague, including Charles University. Charles University holds a special place as one of the oldest Universitys in Europe. It dates back to 1348. Its history is as tumultuous as that of its country. It began as an amalgamation between a Jesuit institution and a regular house of learning. By 1662, it had two major divisions a Czech University and a German University. Both bore the name of Charles University. In 1939, after an uproar against the Nazis, they decided to close the Czech Charles University. It was not to reopen as an independent entity truly until after the Velvet Revolution of 1989.Currently, Charles University has 17 faculties. Of these, 14 are in Prague. They include the Faculties of Art, Education, the Humanities, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Education and Health, Science, Social Sciences and Theology. The University of St. Charles is also responsible for helping other communities to establish educational programs. It currently has two faculties in Hradec Kralove and one in Plzen.

Address: Ovocný trh 3-5, 116 36 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 224 491 111

Opened: April 7, 1348