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Church of St. James Details

Brno has many fine churches. They are several that are unique. St. James is one such church. It is in the lower city. A Gothic structure, it has high Parler fan vaulted ceilings and buttressed walls. There are slender pillars stretching towards the heavens. Antonín Pilgram created a triple aisle as part of his later contribution. Further within lies the tomb of the commander of Brns forces during the heavy siege of the Swedish army. Outside, there are gargoyles to protect.Rising to one side of the church is the Church tower. It dates from the 16th century. High in this tower, Pilgram constructed his own statement on the rivalry between St. James and the mainly Russian, wealthy Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul. In 1592, he created a small figure, a male mannequin, who stands, bent over beneath the lowest window of the tower. He embraces a girl while exposing his bare buttocks towards the Cathedral.

Address: Malá Štupartská, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic