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Church of St. John on the Rock Details

A church does not have to be large to be impressive. It can be small. This is the case with at least one church in Prague. The Church of St. John on the Rock is an example of small, exquisite Baroque church.The church of St. John sits on Vyšehradská on the site of a 17th century wooden Chapel. This church is an example of perfect exterior balance. The twin square towers provide equilibrium. Their spurs are a complex construction, very distinct in shape. They are also an intricate part of the overall design drawing attention to the narrow façade with its delicate curves. Enter through the Baroque gate and garden on Charles Square. Inside, you will view a harmonious church created around an octagonal floor plan. The high altar features a wooden statue of St. John Nepomunk. Its style is reflective of that of a similar statue by Jan Brokof.

Address: Vyšehrdaská 49 CZ, Praha, Czech Republic