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Church of St. Ursula Details

Prague saw the construction of an Ursuline Convent and Church in 1672. The structure rose on Ostrovní, a Baroque structure. It is a product of architect Marco Antonio Canevalle. He began the project faced with a slight problem the amount of space available to build the church. The size restrictions of the site forced him to place the side to face the street. Throughout the decades since, there has been little change except in the use of the buildings. The church began as an Ursuline church and it remains so today.The marvel of the church of St. Ursuline is the survival of the exterior statuary. The original statues still decorate the façade. In front of the church stands a group of statues featuring St. John Nepomunk. Ignaz Platzer completed this work in 1747. Inside, the atmosphere is light and airy. The various altars display vivacious Baroque paintings. The main altar sports a remarkably beautiful painting of St. Ursula.

Address: Národní tída 8, Nové Msto, 110 00, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 224 930 511