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Emaus Monastery Details

The Emaus or Slavonic Monastery began as a simple church started by Charles IV in 1347. As the sole Slavonic monastery in the west, it was a unique experiment. The language of the Mass and all services was Old Slavonic. The official consecration of the Church and monastery took place in 1372 with both Charles and the Archbishop of Ocko from Vlasim present. In 1446, the Slavonic order became Hussite without skipping a beat. In 1645, it became a Spanish Benedictine monastery, in 1880, German then, after a period of war and communist rule, Benedictine again.What did not change, was the nature of the Monastery. Emaus became a center of learning and the arts. The structure reflects this nature. The original 14th century frescoes remained in spite of a Baroque facelift with a tripartite roof and bulb-shaped towers. You can see them today, even though a US Air Raid almost eradicated the building. Enjoy the glassed in vaulted Gothic cloister and the modern tower construction of F. M. Cerný. Marvel particularly at the frescoes. This cycle of scenes is the epitome of Czech Gothic.

Address: Vyšehradská 49/320, 128 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 224 917 662