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Franciscan Garden Details

Gardens are scenes of beauty. They are also places of rest and tranquility. A garden relaxes the body and fills the senses. Their purpose is therapeutic in nature. You can enter Franciscan Garden from Jungmannovo Square, from the passages from Vodickova street or Wenceslas Square.The Franciscan Garden was once part of a monastery. The monks planted a physic medicinal plant garden in this spot. This usage dates back to the 14th century. In 1950, the revived garden became an antidote to the activity of Wenceslas Square. In the 1980's, the city decided to replant several garden beds with herbs. 17th century Franciscan monks cultivated such herbs. They make a delightful and fragrant addition to the other amenities. There are fountains, rose beds and plants climbing trellises. You can sit on a bench and watch children play in the sandbox or on the swings. You can also simply relax and people watch.