Hotels in Havelská Market

Havelská Market Details

Shopping comes in many types. It takes place in malls, boutique shops, arcades and bazaars. In Prague, you can pick from all of the above. You can also purchase your trinkets and keepsakes as well as produce and original handicrafts from the Havelská Market.The Havelská Market is an open-air venue in Msto Square. It is a wondrous blend of fresh, local produce, home made crafts and cheap tourist souvenirs. It is the most central marketplace in Prague. Its customers are both locals and tourists. If you come during a weekday, there are seasonal foods. You can also obtain many different types of homemade crafts. These include goods of leather, paintings and other types of artwork. You can also purchase soap, toiletries, toys and other objects from the wooden stands lining the center of the street. On weekends, you will see more toys, souvenirs and puppets to catch the eyes of the tourists.

Address: Havelská, Prague, Czech Republic