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Jan Hus Monument Details

In the midst of the Old Town Square stands a massive colossus. The bronze and stone statue is a contrast to all other structures in the square. It is executed in the avante garde style of its time Art Nouveau. For the sculptor, Ladislav Šaloun, it was a labor of love. The result Jan Hus Monument, took 15 years of his life to finish. Jan Hus was a Czech revolutionary, a religious reformer. His actions of bringing a new religion to the people resulted in the Council of Constantine (14`5) declaring him a heretic. In spite of a lack of official acknowledgment, the unveiling ceremony went ahead. The work consists of three major sculptural figures: the victorious Hussites on one side, the exiled Protestants on the other side and Hus standing tall in the middle. Behind the statue is another statue of a Mother and child, representing rebirth of the country and its future. The statue is a powerful symbol of nationalism. Wander around it. Be sure you take time to read the inscription, a favorite of Hus: Truth Prevails.