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Kotva Department store Prague Details

The Kotva department store in Prague is an extremely large department store that offers all kind of goods. Amongst the large selection of items are clothing, jewelry, stationary, shoes, perfume, sports equipment, uniforms and a whole lot more. Kotva has all kinds of specialty shops and some especially nice restaurants as well. On the top floor of this department store is a terrace restaurant where you can enjoy a delectable meal or just have a nice drink in front of the magnificent view.Kotva department store is located in Nové Mìsto's busy Republic Square and it isn't hard to find. Once you arrive, it will be easy to make your way into the wide variety of departments that offer many things such as home furnishings, home electronics, cosmetics, fashion accessories and even fine china. Let's not forget the Julius Meinl Supermarket in Kotva either. Next to the supermarket is also a great restaurant with Internet access. Parking is available all around the department store so you shouldn't have any problem finding a spot for your car. Make sure and check out Kotva next time you visit Prague. You won't be disappointed with the great selections you are going to find there.

Address: Revoluční 1/655, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republi

Phone: +420 224 801 111

Open hours: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm