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To some art is all about aesthetics. It is art for arts sake. Art is a museum piece, a grand masters creation to be admired and appreciated at a cerebral and emotional level. This is not the view held by the Museum of Decorative Art. In this institution, Art is about aesthetics and appreciation, but it is also about practicality.The Museum of Decorative Art is in the Old Town of Prague. Its façade is Neo-Renaissance with reliefs representing the various decorative arts and the Bohemian cities renowned for them. Inside, a staircase reaches from the entrance hall to the main exhibition floor. The staircase is itself, a work of decorative art. There are brightly hued ceramics, stained glass windows and frescoes. Open since 1900, this museum contains a vast amount of treasures from the realm of practical art. In the Votive Hall there is the Karlštejn Treasure -14th century silver coins found within the walls of the Karlštejn Castle. There is also a textile exhibit. In the Glass and Ceramic Hall, you can find Meissen porcelain and Czech glass. The glassware, furniture and ceramics are in Cubist, Art Nouveau and Art Deco-styles - a joy to look at and a reminder of the more practical side of Art.

Address: 17. listopadu 2, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 251 093 111