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National Technical Museum Details

There are not too many museums you can label as good fun. The ones that are the most amusing and interactive are usually geared towards children. This is not the case with one museum in Prague. This is the formidably sounding National Technical Museum. In spite of its name, it has something for everyone.The Museum combines interactive technology with standard exhibits. There is the massive collection of machinery dating from the Industrial Revolution. You can also go upstairs and become part of a camera crew. In a working TV studio, you can play with all matter of technological gizmos. However, this is not the major draw of the Museum. What attracts people on a regular basis is the exhibit The History of Transportation. You can locate it in the Central Hall. Here, there are old locomotives, ancient railway carriages, veteran motorcars and classic motorcycles. If you look up, you will see airplanes and hot balloons suspended over your head. If that is not enough, descend to the basement and enter the world of mining.

Address: Kostelní 1320/42, 170 00 Praha, Czech Republic