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Old Jewish Cemetery Details

History is told in a number of ways. You can read history in books and see it in the buildings around you. History is also revealed in other ways. One means of uncovering the past is to visit a cemetery. In Prague, this is particularly true of the Old Jewish Cemetery.It is ironic that history may come alive among the dead. In the Old Jewish Cemetery, the ancient and the more recent past are there for all to see. There are some 100,000 buried here, but only 12,000 tombstones. The law of Prague limited space. The last burial dates from 1767. He was MosesBeck. The oldest tomb, however, is from 1439. It belongs to Rabbi Avigdor Kara. He was once a poet in the court of King Wenceslas IV. There are ornate tombstone reflecting the preference and style of the 16th and 17th century. You can find them near the Main Gate. You can also leave a pebble or a wish on the grave of Rabbi Löw as a mark of respect for this learned and great man.

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